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The Fatek Corporation has been manufacturing quality PLC systems for over 20 years. 2004 saw the introduction of the new FBs range of PLC's. This range of PLC's incorporates new SOC (System On Chip) technology that enables many advanced features to be incorporated into a micro-PLC system at a low cost.
The Main Units have I/O densities ranging from 10 to 60 I/O. 10 and 14 I/O models are non-expandable, but 20 I/O models and above are fully expandable up to 512 I/O. These are offered in Standard and Advanced models, depending on the feature requirements. Standard (MA) models have 10kHz high-speed I/O capabilities and can have up to 2 additional ports added with a communication expansion board. Advanced (MC) models have 120kHz high-speed I/O capabilities, a Calendar, and can have up to 4 additoinal ports with a combination of a communications expansion board and module.
The Digital I/O modules are available in densities from 8 to 60 I/O and allow expansion of applicable units up to 512 I/O. All inputs are 24V DC, whilst output options are Relay, Source Transistor or Sink Transistor.
The Analogue I/O modules allow analogue I/O and also Thermocouple and RTD temperature measurement with the FBs system. Analogue I/O modules have standard voltage (-10..0..+10V) and current (-20..0..20mA) ranges. Analogue input is 12-bit whilst analogue output is 14-bit resoloution. The thermocouple input modules accept most thermocouple types (J, K, R, S, E, T, B, N) and have built-in cold-junction compensation. The RTD input modules accept 3-wire PT-100 and PT-1000 probes.
The Communications capabilities of the FBs is a highlight of the product range. With up to four additional ports, the FBs can be used as a low-cost solution in many applications. Coupled with the low-cost Ethernet connectivity and free communicaions software for connection to a PC, the FBs is ideal for use as a datalogger or RTU. Support for Modbus is extensive (Master, Slave, TCP/IP) allowing further connectivity with other vendors.
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