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Sand and Aggregate Material Handling and Bin Filling System
 > Hitachi PLC, Citect SCADA
End Of Line Test Equipment with Database and Labelling
 > Wonderware InTouch SCADA, Access Database
Direct Drive Motor Thermbonder
 > Siemens PLC, Wonderware InTouch,
 > Control Techniques VSD
Roll Former Control System Retrofit
 > Fatek PLC, Cimrex HMI, Control Techniques VSD
Barcode Controlled Carpark Access Control System
 > Fatek PLC's with Ethernet,
Automotive Oil Pipe Leak Tester
 > AB Micrologix PLC, Proface HMI
Batching System for Block Machine with Citect
 > AB SLC 5/05 PLC, Citect SCADA
High Voltage Electrical Tester for Power Point
 > Extech Hipot Tester, Fatek PLC, Cimrex HMI
Casting Machine Control System
 > Siemens PLC & HMI
Receiving Store Database System
 > Access Database, Barcode Scanner
 > AB ControlLogix PLC, Exter HMI
Oil Sump Leak Tester
 > Fatek PLC, Exter HMI
Production Line Quality Verification System
 > SQL Server,, Fatek PLC, Exter HMI, Barcode Scanners,
 > DC Tools
Irrigation System Programming
 > Omron PLC, Cimrex HMI
Multiple Control Systems for Special Purpose Machinery OEM
 > Fatek PLC, Cimrex HMI
Control System for Water Technology OEM
 > Fatek PLC, Cimrex HMI
Production Line Operator Control Stations
 > 4 Cimrex HMI's, Hitachi PLC
Festo Control Systems
 > Festo Pneumatics
Mill Control System Upgrade
 > GE Fanuc PLC, Citect SCADA
Control System for Mine Water Supply Filtration System
 > Fatek PLC, Exter HMI, Remote Access & Data Logging
Control System for Water Technology OEM
 > AB ControlLogix PLC, Exter HMI