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$ 295.00
KW599B Stainless Steel OEM Keyboard & High Quality Trackball
66 Keys, IP65, Interface PS/2 or USB
$ 99.00
$ 749.00
17" Kee Touch OEM Touch Screen Monitor, VISA Mount, Interface USB
Oakes Automation
& Robotic Systems
$ 1,199.00
KW0117 Barebones DIY Kiosk Shell. Combine with our 17" Kee Touch OEM Touch Screen Monitor and User Supplied PC to Build Your Own Rugged Touch Screen Kiosk
$ 4,295.00 Ex Demo
KW2070 Arcade Style Kiosk, 17" SAW Touch Screen Monitor, Metal Keyboard with Trackball, 80mm Docket Printer, Swipe Card Reader, P4 Processor
$ 3,840.00 Ex Demo
KW8501 Slimline Kiosk, 17" TFT display with SAW Touch Screen overlay
Industrial PC, CPU P4, 3.0Ghz, HDD 80G, integrated video card, sound card, memory card, 1 x serial port, 1 x parallel port, 6 x USB, (no optical drive)
User supplies and installs operating system (XP demo version installed)
KW3011A Stainless Steel OEM
Trackball, IP65, Interface PS/2 or USB
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